A significant challenge to optimal recovery after an orthopedics injury or surgery is staying connected to your physician and care team during rehabilitation and recovery.

Our goal at Sanus DME is to close that gap and keep patients and their physicians connected for optimal outcomes.

How We Do It Differently?

Physicians in Charge

Our selection of post-surgery and rehabilitation products are hand-selected by the physicians who partner with Sanus DME. Orthopedic doctors know the best resources for their patients, so we offer only the most evidence-based and trusted products based on their input and recommendations.

Patient Choice

The healthcare system is challenging to navigate. At Sanus DME, we strive to make that process easy for patients by offering them the best possible options based on their insurance plan. We work with patients to determine how they can use their benefits economically to support their recovery.

High-Touch Customer Service

The Sanus DME customer service model ensures patients are comfortable and knowledgeable in using our resources. A Sanus DME rep is available to patients and we offer a patient portal on our website that provides valuable information that can be accessed 24/7.